Guess Who’s back ? REBECCA BLACK !

So ,

Some of you May Have Watched  " Katy Perry - "Last FRIDAY Night (T.G.I.F.)” official music video teaser ” … Speaking of FRIDAY , Did you know that REBECCA BLACK is IN THE VIDEO !!!! Yep .. It’s True „ All you have to Do it to Pause at 00:17 and There you Go You’ll See Rebecca Black. Can you Imagine What would Another Video Talking about Friday Featuring Rebecca Black  look like ? I bet it Going to Be AWESOME „ I I I So Excited to watch That Music video , How About you ,  You you you So Excited ? xD 

To Watch the Music Video Teaser Click here :

To See Rebecca Black’s Photo in the Music Video Click here :

To See her in the Music Video Pause @ 00:17